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Pryde's Old Westport

Pryde's Old Westport

115 Westport Road,
Kansas City, MO 64111
Ph: 816-531.5588

For nearly half a century, Pryde's Kitchen & Necessities has been celebrating the joy of cooking and entertaining with a rainbow array of cutting-edge culinary tools and tried-and-true classics. We are known throughout the United States for our colorful American-made Fiesta dinnerware — in fact, we are home to the largest selection in the Midwest. Our landmark store is an essential place for couples to register for wedding gifts.-

National publications showcase the Pryde's experience: the treasure hunt and thrill of discovery among the 10,000-square-foot bounty of kitchen tools and housewares; complimentary coffee and tea; the aroma of pies baking in the shop downstairs; free gift wrapping; and our expert, friendly staff.  

Pryde's Old Westport

Hours: 10am-6pm Monday-Saturday

A Kansas City icon, Pryde's in historic Westport is a top destination for generations of visitors. The three-story brick structure originally was built in 1922 for the Helen Thomes School of Dance. The parents of owner Louise Meyers founded Pryde's in 1968, coinciding with the early days of the gourmet movement. As an appreciation for cooking and baking continues to grow, Pryde's mission of bringing families and friends together through shared meals and a love for food strengthens. 

Ashleigh’s Bake Shop

Ashleigh’s Bake Shop is located downstairs at Pryde’s and offers all kinds of goodies on Thursdays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Cookies and pies and apple galettes, oh my. And much more. Call 816.598.3283 for large orders or stop by, shop first, then eat. Or reverse.