• 1 stick   Margarine

    1/2 LB   Ground Chuck,  coarse

    3/4 cup  Flour

  • 1 TSP  Kitchen Bouquet

    1/4 cup  Carrots, diced

    1 QT plus 1 cup  Water

    1/4 cup  Onions, diced

    1 TBSP Beef Base

    1/4 cup  Celery, diced

    1/4 TSP  Black Pepper, ground

    1/2 cup  Tomatoes, crushed

    5 oz.  Frozen Mixed Vegetable

    Brown and drain ground chuck.  Melt margarine in a 2 QT. pan and add flour.
    Mix well.  Add water, stir until thickened.  Add pepper,  beef base and tomatoes.  Cook one minute more,  stirring constantly.  Add Kitchen Bouquet, all other vegetables and ground chuck.  Cook on medium heat 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. 

    YIELD: 2 QTS.  (Soup may be frozen for later use.)